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Studio Class Descriptions
Children's Dance: ages 5-8
...introduces students to the culture and art forms of Africa. Coordination, poly-rhythmic movements and basic positions of West African dance are emphasized. History and language is taught through songs and games.

Youth Dance: ages 9-17
...builds on basic dance patterns and incorporates them into sequences. Students learn to use dance as a language. An understanding of this partnership between dancer and drummer is formed.

Beginning Drumming: ages 8-17
...teaches an appreciation for the drum and music of Africa. Students develop rhythmic skills and basic drum techniques. Students must provide their own hand drum.

Int/Adv Drumming: ages 9-17
…at this level students will be challenged to develop their skills while learning how to identify rhythms. Prerequisite: Completion of the beginning drumming class.

Come Dance with the Ko-Thi Ensemble
…now you can dance just like a Ko-Thi dancer. Learn the secrets and techniques needed for stamina and grace that is uniquely Ko-Thi. This class is on campus as part of our UWM professional partnership.

Adult African Dance: Cultural Journey & Workout
…offers the techniques, terminology, and fundamentals of African dance movement. Students work for stamina and endurance to live accompaniment, while getting a great aerobic workout. This is a joint venture between Ko-Thi and the Jewish Commuity Center.