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Ko-Thi History
Comprised of artists trained in the history, mythology and techniques of art forms within the African Diaspora. The KO-THI Dance Company uses a myriad of traditional instruments, authentic costumes, infectious music and extraordinary dance to educate and bridge the gap between cultures.

KO-THI DANCE COMPANY... an ensemble of pulsating vibrant rhythms and sterling hypnotic movement. Dedicated to the preservation and performance of traditional African-American and Caribbean dance and drumming, this ensemble captivates and inspires. Created in 1969, KO-THI DANCE COMPANY offers its audiences and students over 36 years of research, training and expertise. The Company is Wisconsin's national and international touring gem.

In addition to its home season, which includes two productions in Alverno College's Pitman Theater, the Company provides the following: a year round studio series offering classes in dance and drumming to children and adults servicing over 250 enrollees; a children's performing ensemble and a comprehensive educational outreach program - DRUMTALK. The Company boasts a prestigious national and international touring history. International touring includes the Mitsui Festival in Tokyo, Japan and the Harbor Festival in Toronto Canada. National touring has included performances at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's DANCE AFRICA in New York, Minnesota and Chicago; tours from Minnesota to California, New York to Florida - Disney World. KO-THI was chosen by two States to be part of their DANCE USA Dance On Tour: Ohio and Delaware.

The KO-THI DANCE COMPANY is committed to expanding and diversifying any curricula by the development of a comprehensive educational program. This program, called DRUMTALK, serves all members of a community with classes on the history, language, dance and drumming of the continent of Africa and the Diaspora.