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Performance History
"The power of it all. The shock of its originality and the utter sense of rightness every step of the way had the audience beside itself at the end." Tom Strini, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The KO-THI DANCE COMPANY previous home seasons have consisted of two major concerts - in the spring (Kuumba) and fall (Harvest), each with a 2-3 day run. These concerts featured new and established works from the repertoire as well as guest artist choreographers, performers and companies. The repertoire covers a wide spectrum of the traditional and contemporary inspired African, Caribbean and African-American performing arts. Full length works from Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, South Africa, West Africa and America reside in the repertoire.

The energy and synergy that went into each original composition of dance and music left audiences with a heightened sense of cultural connection and acknowledgment. This company's repertoire takes an audience on a rich journey covering the Continent of Africa, the Caribbean and America.

The following show themes reflect the diversity and collaborative focus of the company legacy:

Featured Emmy Award winning guest artist Jason Samuels-Smith.

Featured works from Noel Hall and guest artist Wallace Hill.

Audience experienced modern adaptations blended into current themes and issues. Featuring Celtic Nation Pipes and Drums.

African hues in American blues: A musical and choreographic feast connecting dance and rhythms of Africa to, plantation dance forms (Ring Shout), the Juke Joint, and the Blues.

A full length concert on the dances and rhythms of Puerto Rico and Cuba featuring the PUNTA VISTA (Salsa) Band.

A movement depiction of the legendary Ssehura (Sarah Baartman) who has become a beacon for South African Women who suffer abuse and exploitation. After suffering so much offence and humiliation, Saarti Baatman will have her dignity restored - she will find justice and peace. French Research Minister - Roger Gerard Schwartzenberg.

A collaboration with the OLIVE DANCE COMPANY (Hip Hop/Philadelphia) and STEP BY STEP of Providence, Rhode Island, connecting urban dance forms to South African dance and music.

A full length ballet on the legendary ancient King of the Mali Empire, of West Africa featuring choreography of Rose Marie Guiraud

A collaboration with the RAGAMALA (East Indian) DANCE THEATRE from Minnesota.