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Brief History
Ton Ko-Thi Children's Performing Ensemble, translated as "Little Ko-Thi", is the vanguard of Ko-Thi Dance Company's education outreach. It identifies, nurtures and develops young artistic talent as they explore African based dance and music idioms. The group ranges from membership of 30-50 children, ages 6-18 years old.

Intensive classes and rehearsals are held with these talented children throughout the year. An annual fee of only $180 is required of parents. Each child is given a scholarship for the balance of the remaining annual cost of $2,300/child. Funds for this amount are constantly being raised through the company's education outreach program. Ko-Thi Dance Company continues to commit considerable operating revenue for this program.

Members of Ton Ko-Thi are chosen by yearly auditions and/or selected directly from
educational outreach programs. This vibrant children's performing ensemble participates in rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Ton Ko-Thi Youth Ensemble is available for performances year round.

• Development of talented children
• Exposure to the traditional African performing arts
• Increased school involvement and better grades
• Development of life long social skills
• Nurturing of 'new' audiences
• Nurturing of 'new' supporters

Get Involved!
Currently, we are looking for enthusiastic children ages 7-18 interested in African dance & drumming. For more information, please call (414) 273-0676 or email kkothi@aol.com.